Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Guten Tag!!!

Lol I'm scraping the barrel with this one. Few songs with the word 'tag' in the title exist i tells thee. Funny song though...

Guten Tag - Wir Sind Helden

So I've decided to do the 'Most Worn' Tag, started by the gooooorgeous Zoe.

I know lots of people did this tag aaaages ago, but I'm still a newbie, so here goes...

My Most Worn:


I'm kinda bending the rules here since this isn't a lipstick, but this is what I wear most on my lips. I'm no fan of nude lips I'm afraid - I'm so pale that they just make me look dead, so I have to inject a bit of colour into my lips on a daily basis. Benetint is fab as it doesn't wear off easily, and it's very sheer and natural-looking. It gives your lips that almost-sore-but-not-quite 'I've just spent hours snogging' look, which I love.


I got these about 4 years ago from Accessorize, but I think you can still get them. They go with pretty much everything. Love.


These little topshop dress thingies are everywhere at the mo. I love my one - it's the one I've seen least out and about, which probably means most other people don't like it... But I do and that's what matters!

Nail Polish

This one's a tie.
Left: Mac Nail Lacquer Steamy
Right: No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour Vivid Violet 68
They're both just really pretty and eye-catching. I have sooo many different colour nail polishes so I switch my nails up all the time, but these are 2 that I come back to time and time again.


My beautiful Oasis bargain shoes. I got them in the sale around Easter time, and they were only £25, reduced from £65.

These are my everyday shoes. I know I know, they are disgusting. But that's only because I've worn them so much! Both from Topshop. I think you can still get the gold sandals, they were £15 I think. The plimsoles I bought about a year ago, hence the grossness. I've been on the lookout for a similar pair to replace them but I can't find any I like as much!

Hair product

Simple and effective - Boots Maximum Hold Hairspray. Can't get enough. And is it weird that I LOVE the smell of hairspray?


Chanel Chance. Feminine, classy, light, and a real classic. What more could you ask from a scent??


Standard black tote from Accessorize. Think it cost £25 in the sale. I've had it a while now and think I need a new one. I always go for black bags for everyday use, simply because they go with pretty much everything, but I'm thinking of branching out. What d'ya reckon? What's a good colour for a colourful bag novice?!

I love reading these sorts of things, so if anyone out there hasn't done this yet, then I tag you ;) xxx


  1. nice shoes you got, the color is so vibrant...

  2. love that perfume,and the bag, very interesting blog:] xoxo
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